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Documentary Maxed Out makes it’s World Premier at the South by Southwest Film Festival

March 11, 2006

If there’s a breakout hit at the South by Southwest Film Festival this year, it will likely be Maxed Out, an engaging and very provocative documentary about America’s dangerous slide into widespread consumer debt.

Providiots take another stab at trying to collect from me

January 8, 2005

Today I received this collection letter from Phillips and Cohen, a “so-called” collection agency that, according to Bud Hibbs, is a band of theives and losers. Here is what Bud had to say about them at his site:
CEO Matthew Phillips is a loser for allowing his goons to grease their pockets with so many FDCPA violations. This (non-law firm) collection agency appears to be a cess-pool of misfits and lawbreakers that prey on consumers with their lawlessness. NEVER give them any information on your bank/credit accounts, or post-dated checks. YOU WILL REGRET IT!!

I fired off a reply same day.

I sent another one to Hilco Receivables.

Maybe these low-lifes will get the hint and a clue that this alleged debt has been settled a long time ago. If not I am more than ready for a lawsuit to put this issue to rest once and for all.

MaxedOut! director shoots in Oklahoma City

July 21, 2004

Yesterday and today James Scurlock of TrueWorks, Inc. ( and his camera and sound men shot several hours of footage at the home of Mark Mumma, the creator of

We talked about all things Providian. No doubt the majority of the footage we shot today and yesterday will end up on the cutting room floor, however, I trust that my experiences with Providian will be accurately portrayed in the final cut. The documentary is called “Maxed Out” and will make its world premier at the South by Southwest film festival on March 11, 2006.

James has already finished one award winning film called “Parents of the Year.” It will be on HBO this September.

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