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I should begin by stating that this web site is neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by Providian Financial Corporation. If you are of even “average intelligence” you will quickly find this to be the case as you read through this web site. is a consumer news and information web site about Providian Financial Corp, its subsidiaries and affiliates (like PayPal). It’s a pretty good bet that the opinions here do not represent the opinions of Providian Financial Corp (duh!)

For legal purposes, however, I must point out the facts for the pinheads out there that might be confused by the logo above or that I am trying to fool people into thinking that I am employed by, associated with or in any way connected to Providian Financial Corp other than my being victimized by their, in my opinion, criminal activity. For more info and legal mumbo jumbo please go here. For now, just know that...

We are NOT Providian!

I originally wanted to register but lo and behold our good friends at Providian Financial already own it. I suppose they bought it to prevent someone from doing what I am doing with I guess this pretty much proves that they know that they suck. Why else would they have registered the name

What is really fun is my email address on file with Providian is . I can’t wait until the phone call with them when I get to give them my email address! Enough of the fun stuff. Let’s get down to business.

This web site has not been designed to help anyone evade debts or to undermine the integrity of the credit reporting system. There is a moral and legal obligation to pay all credit accounts owed.

Unfair and predatory creditors like Providian Financial Corp, however, discriminate against those of us who do not understand consumer credit laws and how the credit system works. Creditors like Providian can adversely affect the consumer on a daily basis. They make statements to their card holders over the telephone that are just plain untrue as well as other despicable practices that are too numerous to list here.

This web site is intended to help you to make some drastic changes in the way you deal with Providian and other credit scoundrels you might have thought impossible. You will likely be able to take control of your life! Out of the thousands of complaints against Providian there always seems to be a common thread. Nearly 100% of the complaints I have read all say the same thing. Providian employees are among the most ignorant that they have ever dealt with. OK, ignorant is really too nice a term. They’re idiots.


Once you have mastered a few simple techniques, you will become a lethal weapon against the injustices of vile and unscrupulous creditors like Providian and return to the life that you had before your Providian nightmare began. The author of this web site did it. There is no reason why you can’t do it too.

The author of this web site is not an attorney and, as such, is not offering legal advice. Always seek the advice of a competent attorney before attempting anything. Bear in mind that just because these techniques worked for me is no guarantee that you will achieve the same results or outcome that I have enjoyed.

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Other trademarks are the property of their holders. These trademarks are present on this site for the purpose of comment and criticism as permitted in the United States Copyright Act of 1976 (17 USC 107) (and related treaties) which states:

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The author of this web site is NOT an attorney and the information contained herein does NOT constitute legal advice. Before you do anything always consult a competent attorney.

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