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More Disputes

(Even more unauthorized charges by Ab-Tronic.)

My January statement from Providian indicates NO CREDIT from my previously disputed transaction with Ab-Tronic. Instead it shows that I have even more unauthorized charges. By this time I am getting livid. Again I dispute the charge to Providian. This time I call them on the phone and tell them that I meant what I said back in November 2001 that the only charge Ab-Tronic was authorized to do was 4 payments of $29.95 total. At this stage of the game they have charged me a total of nearly $220.00 in a three month period. This is more than 3 times what they have been authorized to charge to my account!

I log into their website again and use their on-line dispute form to explain for a third time that no charges from Ab-Tronic have been authorized other than the original 4 equal installments of $29.95. I included a statement advising Providian that under no circumstances are any more authorizations to be given to Ab-Tronic to charge ANYTHING else to my card now or in the future. Seems like a pretty simple concept.

Several weeks later a box is on my porch when I get home from a trip to the downtown post office. I open it up and it is some bottles of “toning gel’ from my pals at Ab-Tronic. Telephone calls to their offices yield no results. No answer for hours then a recording that says there is nobody available to talk to me. I leave a message with little hope of expecting a return phone call. Another week goes by and I get the April statement. Another charge by Ab-Tronic. This time for $39.90. Who do these people thing they are?

(Incredibly I am still being charged by Ab-Tronic.)

I again call Providian Financial and explain to them the concept of DO NOT ALLOW AB-TRONIC TO CONTINUE TO CHARGE AMOUNTS TO MY CREDIT CARD. Again Providian claims they will credit the amounts yet they do nothing.

In June 2002 I get a postcard from Ab-Tronic advising me:
“Your order for the above product is ready to ship but we encountered a problem whereby we have been unable to obtain authorization for this purchase on your credit card. All you have to do is call the Customer Service No. listed below your name...”
Wow. I am thinking, “At last, a written invitation to call them!” I dial the number and it is busy. I dial again and it is busy. I must have sat there and hit redial about 25 times. Finally I give up in disgust. It seems that some unexpected (but legitimate) charges came through on my MasterCard that maxed out the credit line leaving no chance that Ab-Tronic (aka Alpec Team, Inc) could steal another $39.90 from me. At this point I am thinking that this ordeal is finally over. They’ve flagged my account as “needing more info” and I know that I will never be giving them another credit card number so that is that. WRONG!

(Ab-Tronic can’t charge my card. TOO BAD!)

Next thing I know I am looking at my July statement in utter horror, shock and disbelief. Ab-Tronic has made a 4th unauthorized charge to my account. I just about lose it completely this time. After several very heated discussions with Providian they send me some forms to fill out.

(The straw that broke the camel“s back)

Things are now starting to get ugly.

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