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A note to Providian employees and sympathizers: (aka Providiots)

First of all, don’t be a moron.. Don’t just assume that I didn’t read my account agreement. I did. I have a whole page full of account agreements that Providiots have sent me over the years.

Also, don’t assume I settled my account because I couldn’t afford to pay them. I settled the account because I was tired of their crap. I recently refie’d my home and pulled out $40k. I could have sent them $5 grand but I didn’t because they had already accepted my settlement check.

And lastly, don’t preach to me about living up to the account agreements. It’s Providian that won’t accept the fact that THEY entered into a new contract with me when they cashed my check. Consider this a “No Spin Zone.”

If you want to send me snail mail...

1. You Must be Prepared to Prove what You are Saying is Factual

If you have a statement to make that contradicts something on this site you are required to provide copies of any and all documentation that proves said contradiction. The founder of this site wants NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS than a purely factual site. If you have a fact that can be backed up with credible documentation that contradicts anything on this site please share it with us so that we can make corrections.

We will expect your documentation to arrive here at Providian Financial Sucks within 72 hours of your post or your post may be subject to deletion. It won’t even cost anything to send to us.

EXAMPLE: If you state that the settlement contract spoken of in the user forum is supposedly invalid you are required to forward to us a copy of any and all documentation that supports your claim.
EXAMPLE 2: You think that some or all of the recorded telephone calls on this site are “illegal”? Great. Show us the statute that they violate.
Everything on is backed up by factual, written documentation. If you make a claim that differs from the claims made on this site then you are required to provide copies of supporting, verifiable documents that prove your claim. Basically the same type proof you would need in a court of law. has taken great pains to assemble all of the supporting documentation necessary to prove these claims in a court of law. No less shall be required of Providian. So, once again. If you post something here be prepared to back it up with some type of proof.

2. Behave Yourselves

If you do not behave yourselves, your snail mail may not be published on
  • Watch your mouths. Raunchy letters will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Letters containing ALL CAPS and ALL LOWER will most suredly be posted on the site for all to see. If you are unwilling to properly capitalize your messages then you will likely find your post(s) right here for all to see.
The owner of this site reserves the right to disply and correspondence received with no explanation or forewarning to the sender.

3. Keep it Teen Friendly

ProvidianFinancialSucks is meant to be a “Teen Friendly” site. It may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13. Because of the fact that this is an open forum where anyone can post anything that they want there may be foul or otherwise objectionable language contained in the posts. Parental Guidance is suggested and recommended before allowing your pre-teen access to this site.

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